Wallpaper Guides

Material & Dimensions

Our Wallpapers are MICA Coated Non Woven, Made in England. Each roll has a width of 52cm and a length of 10m, giving a coverage per roll of 5.226m2.

Calculating Wallpaper Required

Measure the width of each of the walls you want to cover in your room and divide by 52cm. This will give you the number of drops required. Then measure the height of your room and multiply the height by the number of drops to get the number of meters needed. Each Black Parrots Wallpaper roll has a length of 10m.

Hanging Guide





This information has been supplied in good faith, but without guarantee, and on the understanding that the installer will have decorating knowledge.

Colour Matching

Your screen may not be displaying an accurate representation of the Wallpaper's true colour, if exact shades are important to your scheme we recommend you order a sample prior to purchasing.