This family house in Barnes, west London, was an amazing project. The brief was for a pared-back home, but we worked hard to ensure that while classic, it was also full of character. The completed design is a beautiful example of the more grown-up, refined side of what we do.

Refining the design so that it perfectly suited the client was a long process. We took time to really identify how the family used each space and to pin down each person’s ambitions for their home. We then created new and beautiful interiors that reflect exactly how they all want to live.

Brighton Town House

Sussex Cottage


This was the most wonderful opportunity, it came to us through a couple that had watched the BBC Great Interior Design Challenge and got in touch with us. They had faith in us that we would be able to create something extraordinary for their new design hotel concept and we jumped at the opportunity!!

The property was a ruin of a family home and the concept was for a beautiful, stylish boutique hotel with masses of character and pattern, so just a bit up our street!

We have been working on these designs for over a year now so we felt we could show you some sneak peaks!


The owner of this beautiful villa in Brighton wanted a truly modern, uncluttered space. The basement floor had been redesigned in the 1990s and all period features had been removed. With nothing to preserve, we felt free to treat this area as a blank canvas, stripping back the interiors and starting afresh.

Improving the connection between the basement level and the outdoor space was a priority, but this entire floor needed to relate well to the rest of the house, too, which still retains its original features. The basement floor also felt dark, so improving the flow of natural light from the garden to the rooms inside was crucial.

The original layout was unnecessarily complicated. By identifying how the client would like to use and enjoy the space, we were able to simplify the configuration and improve its flow. Opening up doorways and creating new ones allowed light to flood in and the basement rooms are now beautifully linked to the terrace and garden beyond.


Working on the plans for this eco family home was our first combined interiors and garden design project. Sarah’s career as a garden designer and our shared interior design experience were completely combined here, helping us create a truly holistic design and proving to us that two minds really are more inspired than one! Our combined vision created a home and garden design that the client loves.