The Great Interior Design Challenge – the Story Begins!


This has been quite a journey; I have been designing gardens for years and thinking about interiors for as long, It has always seemed to me that the two are inexplicably linked. So, I applied to appear on The Great Interior Design Challenge as a way of dipping my toe into the water and seeing what happened.

As it happened I absolutely loved it, interior design is an immediate pleasure, gardens often take many years to evolve but designing and creating new interiors is in complete contrast to that, as a result, all of my passions and love for design have come together and I am grateful for the experience on GIDC for allowing me the chance to discover that.

With a new found enthusiasm I have teamed up with a long term friend and Uber stylish woman ‘Alexa de Castilho’ and formed Black Parrots, an interior design company specialising in the things we are good at, understanding space, translating clients living and working needs into amazing interiors and gardens, and a shop that will showcase products we have designed along side vintage finds.

We are a new venture, our experience spans years of love for the arts, fashion, interiors and design. We have been lucky enough to already have projects to be working on, not least a beautiful 19th century Villa in Brighton that will receive a top to bottom makeover beginning in march!!

We are incredibly excited about our new venture and are looking forwards to the future, hope to see you along the way!!

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