11 replies on “Great Interior Design Challenge. Final. Sitting Room.

  • Jane - janeashton.com

    I LOVED the colour combo you specified for this room and the light was a triumph. Thinking outside of the box, taking risks, pushing boundaries and breaking interior design ‘rules’ it will get them squirming but who cares looks great and different. Keep going and don’t let powers that be put you off!

  • claire baker

    What a shame you weren’t able to go the ‘whole hog’ with your designs on the final brief. Some of your ideas seem quite radical on paper but after seeing the finished product it all makes perfect sense. Keep leaving your mark, I’m sure you will go far. Congratulations by the way, you deserved it.

  • Helen

    Congratulations on your win – you really deserved it. Your homeowner in the final was most tricky and it’s a shame she didn’t let you run with your whole scheme which would have been stunning. We loved the finished lounge, and the comments Kelly Hoppen made were so true. Your boldness with colour is so refreshing in the current climate of greys, so good luck with your new venture.


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