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  • Beth

    Congrats on your well deserved win! I was rooting for you all the way. I was so annoyed at your client for being so conservative and not allowing your original designs to shine – why on Earth did she agree to take part?!

    BTW You have a typo here on ‘dining’ 😉

    All the very best for the future <3

  • Sara Heard

    Hi Sarah, I have loved watching your rooms over the course of the GBID challenge. Truly fab colour choices. Right up my street…I love taking dark colours across the ceilings too and have been trying to convince my hubby we should wallpaper ours with something bold and bonkers…then he saw you do it (not sure that convinced him but at least he doesn’t think me so radical now!!!) We have picture rails in every room and the ceilings are not that high. I figured papering would give a different feel and style to what would otherwise be the same decor as everywhere else just in different colours!
    I really loved your styling too, I’m a big fan of clustering and making key pieces shine in their own right. If I had money and wasn’t so keen to style my own home I would defiantly employ your services, you would get me and I would trust you.
    Its been an inspiration to know you did all of this and be a mother too. I home educate so its a fine balance keeping abreast of the day to day learning for our son (5) and keeping my creativity afloat. Thank you for sharing your skills and showing how it can be done.
    Currently I’m focused on running a monthly supper club which I know I can balance without dropping the education balls! Its been a great way to express myself creatively through food, and of course to meet people who share that passion (and don’t want to talk about children all the time!!!!).
    I wish you (both) well in all your business ventures. Just had a peek at your gardens too…love them. We have a play/growing garden currently but once my studio is moved and the extension built I’ll be able to really get going on my dream outdoor space.
    Keep building dreams – for you and others
    Sara x


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