Brighton Villa



We are currently working on a beautiful villa in Brighton; here are some of our designs for the space.

The client brief was for a truly modern, uncluttered space that unites the basement to the outdoor areas and in turn to the rest of the house that boasts a wealth of traditional features.

This project began with the need to connect the outdoor area in the basement and the ground floor terrace, and to find solutions for the poor light in the rooms connected to the gardens. By opening up doorways and creating new ones, the light will now flood in, and their connection to the outdoor space now makes sense.

The basement area was re worked in the 90’s and all period features were removed, so that has paved the way for us to really strip back the interiors and start again afresh. The current layout is complicated, by identifying how the client would like to use the space we have simplified the layout and improved the flow.