Why We Love Design

It’s no secret that we love what we do. Like many creative people, we love lots of things; art, design, fashion, architecture, music. We are both incredibly visual and we spend literally hours pouring over magazines and Pinterest researching. There is just so much inspiration out there with so many remarkable designers creating extraordinary spaces, this constantly evolving creativity helps us to find ways to make our lives more interesting and colourful.

Le Corbusier penthouse Paris

Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier

More than ever there is a blurring of lines across the design industry, which is amazing.  We’ve seen fashion designers turn their hands to designing hotels, garden designers creating wonderful interior schemes and architects designing tableware. There is such a great value in being able to cross those lines and explore ideas that aren’t just in your chosen field. We both had creative businesses outside of interior design and we love what that has brought to the studio. It’s why we don’t like to put ourselves in a box, as it’s too restricting. Take pioneering architect Le Corbusier, he didn’t like to be restricted to just one creative outlet. Like us, he didn’t believe in boundaries, his output was vast and included art, sculpture, product design alongside architecture and interiors, and his use of colour blocking at the time was revolutionary. Unsurprisingly he has been inspiring artists, designers and architects for decades, including us. We’re also big fans of colour blocking. Tony Duquette at the opposite end of the interiors scale was an artist who’s professional career included costume design, set design, jewellery design as well as interior design.  Like Corbusier and Duquette, we find that the starting point for many designs is often linked to our own homes, the need to express ourselves and also experiment. Duquette’s home was teeming with fantastic things, while Corbusier adorned walls and doors with sculpture and art. Both Corbusier and Duquette found their inspiration everywhere.

Tony Duquette’s Hollywood Home Office

Gucci campaign shot in Tony Duquette’s Hollywood Home

We’re not sure what we are more smitten with above, the malachite cushions and drapes or Tom Hiddleston wearing Gucci?

Along with our passion for interiors, we bring our experience as multidisciplinary designers to all our projects. We’ve worked with some remarkably talented people along the way who have fired us up with possibilities. We look forward to the future and all its collaborations, learning new skills, sharing ideas, and being lucky enough to be working in a creative world without any boundaries.

We love hearing from other people about their creative journey, so please tell us about your passion.

Image sources: 1. via AD 2. via ARCHatlas 3. via 4. Gucci campaign shot at Tony Duquette estate © Glen Luchford 5. via Vogue Living © Richard Powers