Reimagining The Grand Brighton

We went on a tour of The Grand Brighton the other day; we’ve always envisioned it would be somewhere we might end out our days. An old people’s home meets private members club with all our closest and most fabulous friends. Bring your pets and bring your dancing shoes.

Our vision is a reimagined Gin Palace of sorts, designed with our friends in mind. It will, of course, be undeniably glamorous and louche but it will also be heavy on the kitsch. Imagine saturated colour, lavish interiors that are seedy in parts, after all, gin makes you sin. Add the oddness of beautiful coiffured aging ladies donned in gold lamé bikinis or dressed-up marigold-hued duchesses in satin and sequins.

It will be grand, filled with old school flamboyance but with hedonistic seventies touches. An old peoples home for lushes who keep dehydrated powdered cocktails about their person. From 2 pm with gin in the teacups dancing will begin with the Tango and as day turns to night we’ll be partying like we’re in Ibiza.

Slipping into something more comfortable we’d go to our private quarters. In more intimate parts of the hotel, the wall-to-wall shagpile carpet and mirrored ceilings will delight us in our dotage. The artwork will feature plenty of eye candy and the staff will be discreet and know when to look the other way. Then when it all gets too much and we need a change of scene the helipad on the roof will be at our disposal.

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Image sources: 1 and 2 by Black Parrots Studio, 3, via the Caledonian mining expedition company and Byblos Art Hotel 4 (interior) by Galerie May,  5 (WC) via,  6 (interior) the Madonna Inn via A Beautiful Mess  7 interior via Black Parrots Studio Pinterest, 8 (interior) the Madonna Inn via A Beautiful Mess. All other images: This is what our generation will look like when we retire photography by Alex de Mora for