Milan Design Week

This week is Milan design week, unfortunately, we can’t be there due to ongoing work with our Majorca project. Luckily, we can be a part of it through some of the fantastic Instagram stories being posted. Each account we’re following gives us a new perspective on the shows, keeps us up to speed with all the exciting design highlights and emulates the excitement and buzz felt throughout Millan during this time.

Here are some of our favourites: 2LG, Hello Peagreen, Sarah AkwisombeAD Germany, Michelle Ogundehin, Mad about the house, AD 

For us, the most disappointing part of not being able to attend Milan Design Week is that we don’t get to see Dimore Studios exhibition, that they put on every year in their Milan apartment. Our hero’s, everything they touch in our opinion is gold. We have been major fans of theirs from very early on and have watched them grow from strength to stratospheric.

Fendi commissioned the Dimore duo to create a collection of design pieces for design Miami in 2014 which are now housed in their Millan apartment, Palazzo VIP Fendi. We absolutely love this palette and it inspired the colours for our first job The Brighton Villa in 2015.

Their design of the Casa Fayette Hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico was also a major influence for us especially as we were designing our first hotel. The fabric they used in this image is a Piere ferrey tropical but it inspired and motivated us to design our own collection.

Here is the design for the Majorca pool terrace with our blue tropical fabric on the sun beds. We think it makes a stylish addition to the terracotta backdrop.

Every year Dimore studio reinvents their apartment and treats us to a vision. One we lock onto for the year until they show us the next amazing creative out burst. They do this with collaborations, antiques, colour, form, pattern. They ask us to experience and for a designer that has to be the most important part of the process. Experience and joy make what we do tangible and human, and not just a beautiful thing to look at.

This is how we understand them, from the online stalking of them that we have done through the years. Our ambition is to be able to go to Milan 2018 and see all for ourselves.

Let us know if there are any more Instagram accounts you recommend following for Milan design week.

Thanks xx