Finding colour inspiration in fashion

One of our biggest passions is colour, it’s bound to be of course, being such a massive part of what we do. It’s also a huge part of what we love about interior design. We wanted to share how we create colour palettes, and maybe inspire you with a new way to choose colour for your home.

Creating your own colour scheme can seem a bit intimidating but like most things it’s about finding inspiration before you can develop a concept. We find our inspiration from so many places, you name it, it can inspire – travel, art, film, music, food, fashion. Right now we are in the middle of fashion month with fashion shows happening in NY, London, Milan and this week Paris. As creative people we’re a little bit obsessed with fashion too, so we naturally follow the shows. What we have realized is that we are looking at the collections from a different perspective these days and not just for our wardrobes ideas! We get incredibly excited with the colour combinations, shapes, textures and pattern that we see, as it can be translated into inspiration for our interiors projects. In fact we are like kids in a sweet shop during fashion month.

Watching in awe how leading fashion designers practice their craft, we have taken inspiration on how they process their ideas to create collections. They balance the many details of cut, colour and texture to create desirable items of clothing. The way that they translate their inspiration into a beautiful story inspires how we approach our interior spaces.

Let us know what colour palettes you come up with and share them on instagram with the hashtag #Blackparrotsstyle, we’d love to see them and we’ll share our favourites.

If you want more fashion inspiration visit our pinterest page and see what we have been pinning. Link here

Interior image sources: from top: 1 via Decor8, 2 via Arkpad, 3 via pinterest, 4 via sketch24, 5 via Ashley Hicks

Fashion image sources: image 1 and 3 Roksanda fall 2017,  image 2 and 4 Mulberry Fall 2017, last image (1) Joseph (2) Delpozo (3) Derk Lam