Dress Your Interiors

As with the clothes you wear, the way you decorate your home expresses your personality. You could argue even more so, in that it’s behind closed doors, only shared with the lucky few. Unlike our clothes, which we put a public face to, our interiors are entirely ours; creating an enormous amount of freedom in how we decorate. The most important thing about creating a space or an outfit is to make it feel comfortable, sexy and unique to you…. Showing your story and allowing your personality to shine through.

We know there are some days we want to be relaxed, it might be wearing a white lace dress, relaxing in boho chic (even if that doesn’t suit us, who cares!!) and some days we want to wear a fuchsia pink suit that screams HERE I AM… Women in general are a contradiction, to us that is part of our beauty, and the key to channeling our creativity.

Decorating our homes can sometimes seem daunting, but why not use your fashion style as your starting point. We have been dressing ourselves and finding our style for years through the changing fashions, so why not use this knowledge in your design journey.For us we often start with Pinterest as a great place to find images, for both fashion and interiors, the perfect platform to be able to play with concepts, colour combinations, vintage and new.

Does this give you a new way to tackle your interior style? We would love to see what you come up with, what’s your fashion style and how would you translate it into an interior. Show us on instagram and us #dressyourinteriors so we can see your style.