Design Hero: Alessandro Michele of Gucci

We are passionate about our design heroes so thought we’d share this with you and write a series of blog posts on the subject. (If you want any of elements from our moodboards for your own interior, you can find them all at the end of this post). Our heroes provide a vivid backdrop to our own interior design work, whether they come from the fashion world, photography or other visual arts – we would never shy away from paying homage to them.

We’ve chosen to start with the eternally charismatic Alessandro Michele of the fashion house, Gucci. Appointed creative director over a year ago, Alessandro Michele has continued to be delightfully eccentric in his designs. His inspirations are as eclectic as his collections but he draws them together in such a thoughtful way as to take them beyond passing fashions.

He is a collector of historical curiosities, you can see so clearly where his inspirations lay. His obsession, totally true to his Italian heritage, with historical palaces and churches. He collect images of frescoes and Renaissance paintings. Everything he owns, collects and shares, is true to him and his story – from the small gems and pearls to the religious paintings he adores.

References that intuitively would clash with each other instead come together with a strong sense of harmony. The burst of light from the Madonna against the Staffordshire dog, merges historical beauty with utter kitsch and makes class. Gucci’s SS2016 collection was a collaboration with street artist Trevor Andrew, also known as GucciGhost, resulting in a bold and uncontrived meeting of high fashion and street culture – we’re not sure anyone could have done this as well as Michele.

He has used these eclectic aesthetics as a language to translate his ideas into something we want to wear every day, his is the first house that has made a collection that is interchangeable moving forwards, nothing will go out of fashion, everything is based on treasures that we already know and are being re-celebrated.

His language is one that talks to us! From the strong seventies inspiration to the geek-chic twist and bold use of detail and colour…

Alessandro Michele’s wide-ranging influences – both passionate and thoughtful – result in an honesty in design that really strikes a chord with us. We like to adhere to this ethos in our own work, whether it’s for a client or our own homes – the material worlds we create are our passion and obsession.

Images: (1) Moodboard interior inspired by Gucci outfits, (2) Alessandro Michele Gucci inspired flamingo interior, (3) Interior design Gucci inspired Leopard moodboard

Where to find everything we have featured in our interiors moodboards:

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