A colour lovers paradice

In March I got to go to Marrakech for my lovely friend Alice Eden's 40th Birthday with twelve of the loveliest women I was lucky enough to get to know. On our trip I was slightly like a Japanese tourist, taking pictures round every corner. 

Everything felt new, the colours more vibrant and the smells more aromatic. Saving each image is our normal now, but I wanted to put a colour pallet together and show you how inspiration is truly everywhere. From the barbers shop to the old Mercedes left abandoned, when added with an image from around the corner they come together and make colour and shape music. Hopefully  the images that come next will show you this and maybe give you some colour combinations you hadn't thought of and maybe inspire your next outfit or room.

Here at black parrots we use these pallets all the time, in our pattern designs for clients, in our own homes. Each pallet can inspire a new idea a new creative path. Let us know if your obsessed with colour and how you bring it to life.




All images taken by Black Parrots Studio