5 of our favourite GOLD things

Gold has been used throughout history to inspire awe and here at Black Parrots Studio we think it’s dynamite. Once the preserve of nobility, its sophistication has always been counterbalanced with flamboyance and dazzle. As a colour it’s warming and it strongly reflects light giving it a glittering, delightful and playful quality.

While warm metals have been a trend for a couple of seasons now and seem to show no signs of abating, here at BPS we are big fans of gold. In fact we’ve been in love with gold for most of our lives. So if warm coppers and rose gold’s aren’t for you we’d suggest that you try the rich glamour of yellow gold which is an enduring classic and has been used in interiors for centuries. You’ve only got to look at the walls of most stately homes to see the gilded 17th Century frames.  There are some things all design lovers can appreciate and gold is more of a comeback kid, than a new kid on the block. It’s been the darling of the interiors world through many style movements most notably Italian Renaissance, Art Deco and 70’s and 80’s disco glamour.  Gold is timeless; gold is rich, adventurous and most importantly it works with a myriad of styles and colours. We’ve always thought of it as the perfect accessory whether you are the one wearing it, or your walls are.

You might not have the confidence to go “full gold” like above but by using elements like shimmery fabrics and molten finishes mixed with a bit of 70s earthiness you’ll create a winning formula in our book.  So give your home the Midas touch with our current top 5 gold interior loves.

  1. Gold Cheese Plant Light from Black Parrots Studio 
  2. Atollo238 table lamp by Vico Magistretti from Oluce Light 
  3. Newberg Gold cutlery by
  4. Round Tusk ring by Alexa de Castilho for Black Parrots Studio
  5. Vintage G-Shaped Gold-Plated Coffee Table via Pamono

Are you obsessed with gold too?  Any favourites of the ones we’ve chosen?

Image sources: 1 via Kelly Wearstler, 2 via Dilmore Studio, 3 various (as referenced above)