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A colour lovers paradice

In March I got to go to Marrakech for my lovely friend Alice Eden's 40th Birthday with twelve of the loveliest women I was lucky enough to get to know. On our trip I was slightly like a Japanese tourist, taking pictures round every corner. 

Everything felt new, the colours more vibrant and the smells more aromatic. Saving each image is our normal now, but I wanted to put a colour pallet together and show you how inspiration is truly everywhere. From the barbers shop to the old Mercedes left abandoned, when added with an image from around the corner they come together and make colour and shape music. Hopefully  the images that come next will show you this and maybe give you some colour combinations you hadn't thought of and maybe inspire your next outfit or room.

Here at black parrots we use these pallets all the time, in our pattern designs for clients, in our own homes. Each pallet can inspire a new idea a new creative path. Let us know if your obsessed with colour and how you bring it to life.




All images taken by Black Parrots Studio

Dining Room Revamp

So much goes on around the kitchen table!! from drinking cups of tea with your girlfriends to dancing round the table on a Friday night with your lover, gin and tonic in hand…..

It’s the space in your home where you bring everyone together. Your friends, family, children, grandparents, morning to night, no other room has such high footfall.

That being the case, this is the room you can have the most fun designing. So about a year ago, well maybe longer…… I started planning.

Dining room, before shot, already pretty tropical!

(before shot –  already pretty tropical.)

Here at the studio we have been designing wallpapers, and selfishly I had to design a few with my kitchen in mind! I was brought up in a tropical country and am obsessed in all my design work (jewellery included) in the tropical, it being my most dominant inspiration, so alongside Sarah’s amazing love for gardening and all things green and growing this had to be our first print!

Tropicalizing my kitchen/diner was always going to be the way forward. My garden has been growing into a jungle for some years now so the view from the dining room into the jungle garden is now incredible, all we needed to do now was create something as amazing inside!

The wallpaper took months to get right, it is an amazing process, so many details! slowly slowly being refined…  so in the meantime I could obsess over the furniture.

I love beautiful things, but like most we can never afford the wish list, so i have become a master of finding ways over the years of creating what i really want, for less…and often the inventiveness that finds the solution creates a far more individual result.

I always wanted an oval table, before children we had a great 1970’s smoky glass tulip table and now the kids are grown up (well nearly) I knew it was time..

The original table we wanted was out of our price bracket so thinking out of the box was the only way. I found a company on eBay that sold the base and thankfully my partner is a talented cabinet maker so he could make me the table top we needed. Made out of MDF and lacquered it black, it arrived with a piano finish, beautiful but ridiculous and scary considering our 3 kids!!! Needless to say we have worn it in slightly now…

The chairs are another eBay find, a steal at £50 each, original 1970’s brass. I had found a table and chair set in an antique shop that I’d fallen in love with, I mean deeply in love with so when three months later I find the exact same chairs not for £5000.00 but for £50 each a steal and a squeal.


Sarah and I took a trip to Ardingly antiques fair earlier this year, something we love to do, especially as this time it was for one of our own homes we could be completely open minded about what we found. Several Marino glass chandeliers and three shiny black safe’s later…… Stacking the safe’s one on top of the other we created a beautiful cabinet that now stores my alcohol and all important growing collection of Gins!!

Dining room after

(after: totally topicalised.)    This image taken by Luminary colour  All other images taken by Black Parrots Studio.

Tropical, floral Brier hotel designed by Dorothy Draper

This fashion editorial is our idea of heaven, shot by Juco photography for NY magazine The Cut in the amazing Greenbrier hotel. The lobby is grand and over the top with the iconic banana wallpaper, mixed with graphic and colourful carpet.

In the hallways you find carpets of foliage  mixed with pale pink sofas and bright ceramic lamps. The bedrooms hold no restraint, they mix florals with colour and its all works by adding a graphic.

All this was designed by the American interior designer Dorothy draper genius woman that she was.  She created a new style known as “Modern Baroque,” adding a modern flair to a classical style.  She used dramatic interior color schemes, and trademark cabbage-rose chintz. She promoted shiny black ceilings, acid-green woodwork and cherry-red floors, believing that “Lovely, clear colors have a vital effect on our mental happiness.  She also chose dramatic and contrasting colour schemes.  Black with white and adding colour. She combined different colors, fabrics, and patterns together, combining stripes with floral patterns. She often used large, oversized details. The colors and patterns contributed to her dramatic design now referred to as “the Draper touch. The opposite of minimalist.

Images sourced from Google images and Little Helsinki

Dress Your Interiors

As with the clothes you wear, the way you decorate your home expresses your personality. You could argue even more so, in that it’s behind closed doors, only shared with the lucky few. Unlike our clothes, which we put a public face to, our interiors are entirely ours; creating an enormous amount of freedom in how we decorate. The most important thing about creating a space or an outfit is to make it feel comfortable, sexy and unique to you…. Showing your story and allowing your personality to shine through.

We know there are some days we want to be relaxed, it might be wearing a white lace dress, relaxing in boho chic (even if that doesn’t suit us, who cares!!) and some days we want to wear a fuchsia pink suit that screams HERE I AM… Women in general are a contradiction, to us that is part of our beauty, and the key to channeling our creativity.

Decorating our homes can sometimes seem daunting, but why not use your fashion style as your starting point. We have been dressing ourselves and finding our style for years through the changing fashions, so why not use this knowledge in your design journey.For us we often start with Pinterest as a great place to find images, for both fashion and interiors, the perfect platform to be able to play with concepts, colour combinations, vintage and new.

Does this give you a new way to tackle your interior style? We would love to see what you come up with, what’s your fashion style and how would you translate it into an interior. Show us on instagram and us #dressyourinteriors so we can see your style.