London Design Week: Our Picks

Every year, London Design week is a useful and inspiring place for us. We were no different this year on our visits to the various exciting things going on in London over the week; finding inspiration, seeing new, exciting design, chatting to designers, gathering suppliers and of course furnishing our own projects in our head with all the amazing things on offer. Here's a few of our top picks from this years Design Week. With so much to see, so little time (and so many tote bags!), we're sure we've missed some, but here's what caught our eye.

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DecorexGiopato & Coombes Rugs


Alternative Flooring & Jagger


Concrete LDCA

Stephen Johnson Design 

The London Design Fair Zelij & Son Raw Material Mallorca Reynolds Gillies Chair in Gold designed by Toni Grilo Elise Luttik Segawa Stanton Story

Envisions & Finsa

And that's design week over. We know we're a little late, but never underestimate how long it takes to sort through collected business cards, brochures and post cards from the whole week!

We hope you had a happy design week - what were your favourites? 

Our Colour Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week SS18

Last but not least, this fashion season takes us to Paris. We couldn't help but be drawn in by the vintage feel of the colours and prints we saw at Paris fashion week coming from the likes of Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Acne Studios and Balenciaga. So we've pulled out some photographs of a few of our own interiors projects that we think are a great example of how you can incorporate the vintage trends coming through in fashion week, into your home. We admit, Sarah's home is the first project we call on when we think vintage... florals... and retro. So here's a taster, you can see more on our projects on our website. 

We hope you all had a happy fashion season! And we hope our colour palettes have inspired you all to dress your interiors... 

(1)  Acne Studios SS18 (2) Sarah's Home, The Sussex Cottage photographed by Rachel Whiting 
(3) Dries Van Noten SS18 (4,5) Sarah's Home, The Sussex Cottage photographed by Luminary Colour 
(6) Balenciaga ss18  (7) 
Sarah's Home, The Sussex Cottage photographed by Luminary Colour 
(8,9) Dries Van Noten SS18 (10) Sarah's Home, The Sussex Cottage photographed by Rachel Whiting 
(11) Dries Van Noten SS18 (12) The Sussex Cottage photographed by Luminary Colour  
(13) Balenciaga ss18  (14) Barnes Family Home 
(15) Isabel Marant ss18  (16) Brighton Villa  

Our Colour Inspiration from Milan Fashion Week

Next on our round up of fashion month is Milan, and we think it's one of our favourites. We've created colour palettes from some of our favourite looks in Milan and we love the grown up, sophisticated schemes coming through and Gucci has especially wowed us with the shots of colour in their accessories. Looking back over our own projects, we're spotting similarities between SS18 and our interiors. So here's some photos of what we've worked on over the last year, look on our website for more...

Take a look at our Dress your Interiors blog posts, and at the rest of our fashion week colour blog posts to see more colour palettes that we love making.

What palette is your favourite? 


(1) Gucci Ready To Wear ss18  (2) Black Parrots Barnes Family Home Project photographed by Adam Brinkhorst  (3,4) Gucci Ready To Wear ss18  (5)Black Parrots Barnes Family Home Project photographed by Adam Brinkhorst (6)Gucci Ready To Wear ss18(7)Sarah's House photographed by Rachel Whiting (8,9)Fendi SS18(10)Alexa's House photographed by Luminary Colour (11) Gucci Ready To Wear ss18 (12) Alexa's House photographed by Luminary Colour (13)Gucci Ready To Wear ss18(14)Black Parrots Barnes Family Home Project photographed by Adam Brinkhorst  (15)Prada ss18 (16)Black Parrots Barnes Family Home Project photographed by Adam Brinkhorst  (17,18)Bally SS18 (19)Black Parrots Brighton Villa project (20)Gucci Ready To Wear ss18 (21) Alexa's House photographed by Luminary Colour (22)Black Parrots Barnes Family Home Project photographed by Adam Brinkhorst (23)Jaquemus ss18